Kunavulela Community Project goes online

Harry and Smiling Ubisi founded the Kunavulela Community Project in 1997, and have been making major strides since then! Recently, a number of things have come together and all of a sudden the Project has a web presence. Donations can be made online at betterplace.org. There are currently two specific fundraising projects on the go:
raising money to buy 12 pairs of soccer boots for the senior Hluvukani Blackbirds
and raising money to buy live hens for the goggo’s veggie garden. You can read about Kunavulela here, more about the goggos here, and more about the soccer team here


2 responses to “Kunavulela Community Project goes online

  1. Good day, My name is Bianka and I’m from FELCO Africa we need to get incontact with Andrea Webster. We have tried to contact her but her phone number she gave us is not working. Is it possible for her to get in contact with us.

  2. J Craig C McSherry

    Dear Harry,
    Best Gin and Tonic barman in South Africa!
    We shall do what we can to assist your project,
    Yours Aye,
    Craig and Elaine McSherry,

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