As host country to the world cup, South Africa was in the spotlight
over the last couple of months and the attention brought with it a renewed sense of pride to us all. Hearing that people came to visit with expectations of violence and incompetence made us try all the harder to show our visitors the meaning of UBUNTU (community spirit). So far reports from our international visitors have been extremely positive with special mention of the friendly and welcoming manor with which our guests were embraced. The vibe all over the country was infectious and although many locals tired of the vuvuzelas, they certainly added to creating a unique and memorable
world cup for all who witnessed or participated in it.

In Hluvukani, the focus has been on soccer, soccer and more soccer. Harry has been hard pressed to attend all the matches played at home and away and in the time building up to the World cup, the blackbirds practiced harder than ever in a show of support for our National team. Despite the fact that Bafana Bafana did not make it through to the final, the Blackbirds’ support during the tournament did not dwindle.
In between watching as many of the tournament games as possible, the Hluvukani Blackbirds have been attending practice proving that even with the distraction of the world cup they are as focused as ever. The reality of
hosting the World cup, inspired and motivated so many of the boys to improve their skills and they have been practicing like never before, with the hope that some will be spotted by the scouts when they partake in
the Manyeleti League matches during September.


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