Tribute to Granny Mzimba and her brave orphan boys

16 year old Kippon takes on the responsibility for himself and his younger brother Although there have been many positive developments since our April
Newsletter and many of the goals we set at the beginning of the year
are coming to fruition, we would like to acknowledge the challenges and
loss faced by one of the families in Hluvukani. It has been a sad time
for Kippon and his younger brother Khulani. Granny Mzimba who has
cared for Kippon and his brother since the death of their parents 5
years ago, passed away in July leaving Kippon who is still at school and not yet seventeen, to
carry the responsibility of caring for himself and younger brother. Having lost their
parents, and now their Granny, the boys are reliant on food parcels from the local
government and whatever support the community around them can offer. You are both in our


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