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Soccer gear donated by Westend Football club

Friendly Match - Soccer / FootballWith donations of soccer gear made by Westend Football club, the teams are now able to fully participate in matches held within the region, youngsters and older players regularly get to participate in friendly matches held in the village.


Computers donated to the Kunavelela Community Project

Smilling Working on donated computerDonations from generous sponsors have enabled the Kunavelela Community Project to keep pace with technology.  Harry and Smilling both have laptop computers and are now able to communicate directly with Sponsors,  Thank you Westend Football Club and Rotary clubs of Bowen Island and Burnaby for Smilling and Harry’s Computers.

Results: Winter Crops

First Winter Crops - KunavelelaSince the levelling of ground began in April and with many hours of care and labour, the communities’ hard work is beginning to pay off.  Winter crops are starting to produce results; cabbage, turnips, tomatoes, beetroot, and spinach have been harvested and distributed.  Ma Assa - Kunavelela GardenWoman from the local church and orphanage, together with grandmothers and mothers spend long days in the garden tending their crops and nurturing life out of the rich soil.

The Grannys At Work in the Kunavelela Garden

Smilling In The Kunavelela Garden

Garden Equipment donated by FELCO

Garden Equipment donated by FELCO

In June 2012, a donation was made of FELCO gardening equipment.  Thank-you Laurent Perrin-Flisch of FELCO Switzerland for your support of the project and to Leon and Gys Liebenberg, FELCO representatives in South Africa, for making the necessary arrangements for delivery.  A number of premium quality cutters, pruning saws and long handled gardening sheers were received and couriered to the Kunavelela Project.

The gift of water – a photo essay of raising a windmill

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Ground cleared for the daycare center

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   In late March, Niah and volunteers from within the community and one of the local churches in the village began clearing the site purchased for the day care centre.  The site was pegged and marked and the heavy brush has been removed in readiness for building preparations.

Progress on the veggie garden

In February, work began to level and earmark proper beds in the vegetable garden, plots were measured and marked out, levelled and built up around the edges to maximize the water use in the dry season.

In early April, work continues in the vegetable garden.  The area has been levelled with the help of a team of donkey’s ploughing the land into workable furrows for tilling and the planting beds have been prepared for winter crops. 

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There are additional funds on their way from Rotary and these will be used to clear the southern portion of the garden of rocks.  These funds will also be used to add irrigation pipes to the southern section of garden, purchase seeds and upgrade security of the new infrastrucure. 
For now though, Manyike has attached a length of 50m irrigation pipe to the tank outlet which will provide water to the cultivated northern half of the garden.

Smilling and Harry continue to work to secure community support and involvement for their project.  Through continued meetings with the village headman, the municipality, local farmers and members of the department of agriculture, churches and other non-profit organizations as well as from community members themselves, the project gains momentum, going from strength to strength.