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More people in Hluvukani to benefit from the crops

Since the windmill went up in early 2012 permanent access to water has allowed many more people in the village to benefit from the crops grown. The project has been able to provide assistance to both families and youngsters without parents who rely on the vegetable garden as their only means of access to fresh produce.

a barrow full of food

A wheel barrow full of fresh food

A Hluvukani  orphan in the Kunavelela Garden

One of Hluvukani’s orphans

Grannies and Single Moms

Grannies and Single Moms

Working in the Kunavelela Garden

Working in the Kunavelela Garden

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A Rotarian from Bowen Island, Canada, visits Kunavelela

Sheila Webster visits Kunavelela

Harry Ubisi and his daughter hosts Sheila Webster — a visitor to the garden from the Rotary Club of Bowen Island (Canada)

Sheila Webster, a member of Rotary Club of Bowen Island and the driving force behind the bulb sales that provide much needed funds annually for specific Kunavelela projects, came to Hluvukani for her first visit. During a short trip to the Lowveld, Sheila met with members of the Kunavelela Team and was shown what the proceeds from the bulb sales have managed to accomplish. In Addition Sheila confirmed that funds raised from the 2012 bulb sales were on the way and these have been allocated to start the necessary processes of planning and drawing up plans for the day care/community centre.

John & Sue Blakemore Pledge support for Day Care in Hluvukani

In November 2012 John & Sue Blakemore met Smilling whilst on a Safari in South Africa and have pledged substantial funding to purchasing equipment for the daycare/community centre that the project hopes to develop in the near future.  John and Sue have sponsored not only project running expenses for a year but also the funds to purchase play equipment for the day care centre once it is established. The Blakemore’s generous contributions to equipment for the play area will be utilised once the centre is established and the area named in honor of Charlie.


Kara Anderson

ImageIn 2011 whilst on a visit to Canada Andi Webster met up with Kara Anderson one of Kunavelela’s long time supporters to discuss project progress and the way forward.  Kara put together the “Say Something” fundraising campaign and assisted in raising funds to sink the borehole for the vegetable garden.  In 2010 Kara raised funds for Kunavelela by selling tote bags with the veg garden logo (designed by Corey Mah) and proceeds were put toward soccer as well as purchasing much needed school supplies for children in the village.  Earlier in 2011 Westend Football Juniors in collaboration with G.A.S.E. Marine organized the delivery of a significant number of uniforms that were collected over a period of time.