Thank yous!

Once off contributions

2008 – 2012
Bill Kent, Graham Family, Elizabeth & Daniel Kinnier, Elizabeth & Jonathan Kitchen, Sarah & Ulrik Lorenteen, Claire & Alistair Hickey, Christine & Chris Steinke, Helen & Andrew McLane, Anthony Matthews, Ann & Sarah Sherman, Lisa & Bradley Tanner, Melanie & Andrew Addison, Fiona & Ian Shea, Marion & Darren Cook, Neil Chakoff, Barry Axelwood, Tanda Tula Safari Camp, Alison & Ben Gardon, Meredith & Steve Westfall, Kelly & Robert Willson, Jenny & Barry Greatorex, Stephanie & James Tomlinson, Hollie & Neil Cowling, Alexandra & Steven Sowerby, Sacha & Kalvin Jack, Judith & James Roberts, Stephanie & Kenneth Wisdom, Sophie & Matt Barnett, Colin Williams, Desiree & Steve Gunderson, Abi Carrillo, Lee Bown, Cora Vonk, Corrie, Transboundary Elephant Research Programme, Ian Armstrong, Shelly Gordon, Any & James Hazell, Pam & Bob Thompson, Judith & Barry Gray, Family Chenevix, Jonathon Trench, Stephanie Woodmass, Andrew Bannister, Brenda Teng, Anura & Sarojinnie Alawattegama, Marion & Kieth Dixon, Cliff van Belkum, Sharon & Steven Smith, Charlotte & Cecile Narboni, Ricky & Jayne Thwaites, Victoria Stackwick, Jody Wensink, Ann & Paul Slater, Margaret & Andrew Wale, Daniela Chandler, Paul mason, Tony Carlson, Berin McCoy, Family Liebowitz, Stella & Gerry Reitsch, Nancy Brown, Ann & Joel Schwartz, Patricia & James Hubbard, Barbara & Donald Rowe, Family Melrose, Family Cadge, Rachel Davies, Ed Potte, Elna Hubbard, Courtney Harstein, Danelle Knudson, Carolyn & Dale Keller, Helen & Brian Burnett, Mark Miller, Gavin Madder, Jacquie & Bob Paul, Catherine & Mark Watters, Sandy Lau  & Mark Jones, Claire & Alex Clay, Angie & Andrew Dare, Andrew Yell, Kelly & Adam Vos, Jean & Sidney Possick, Stephanie Fischer & Steven Flicker, Dorian Wilkes, Mr Antwi, Mr Edge, Pierre & Mia Hugo, Stephano Lembo, M. Casanas, Charles Marden, Maureen Connelly, Todd Crews, Sophie do Bos, V. Fernandez, Nina Fiddian Green, Peter Gruk, Jesse Halpern, James & Nicholas Wood,
Alte Halverson, David & Shirley Wrinch, Brad Bing, Beverly Lorna, Van Coller Family, Shirley-Anne & Frank Beretta, Tiffany & Mathew Steyn, Family Skeppner, Rebecca Rothney, Greg Ansermino, Edie & Wes Sagawa, Ian Cajgas, Marve House, James Hetherington, Billy Hare, David Ross, Janice Scott, Dave Splott,
Anne-Marie Otto, Armand Steyn, Pieter Steyn, Gerda van Schaik, Joanna van Sandick, Lous Brouwer, Willem Lubbersen, Yvonne, Hopma, Rick, Olaf, Elin van de Pijpekamp, Sarah & Alan McSmith, Family van de Pijpekamp, Bodo Siebier, Julie Kramer, Brian Masters, Lorna Lewis, Martin Meyer, Ernest Ostro, Elizabeth Pan, Lois McLaren, Jennifer & Brian Ghidinelli, Westend Juniors Football Club, Adrian Etheridge, Rotary Club of Bowen Island, Rotary club of Burnaby, Marina Muller, Chris Hanekom

Company Contributions

Rotary Club of Bowen Island, G.A.S.E. Marine, Westend Juniors Football Club, SOVEE nl, van Haasteren Toyota Nl, A Spring of Hope, Wilderness Encounters, McFarlane Transfers, Ringetani Cultural Programme, Betterplace, Woodcote House School, Sporting Chance, Tintswalo Safari Lodge, Sea Garden Bed & Breakfast, Wooden Wonders, Blake Attorneys, Open Skies Wild, Plastic Soldiers, Van Eck Boreholes, Marina Besproeing, Hoedspruit Steel, Purplesquared Consulting

Skills Contributions

Erika Ansermino – Financial Accounting
Suzi Webster – Blog design
Robert Ballantyne — Blog maintenance and updates
Lesley Blake – Legal advisement and assistance
Corey Mah – Veg garden Logo design
Jim Connor – Rotary Advisor

Continued Support

John and Sue Blakemore, Adrian Etheridge, Dean Rhors, Ricky & Jayne Thwaites and all of Westend Juniors Football Club U.K., Kara Anderson and all donors, Schimmel Family, Julian Berkley and Woodcote House School U.K., Lodrick Manyetele, Angie Buyers, Raymond and Tilly van Heerwarden, Michael van Eck, Brendan & Sherry Schmikle, Brian Masters, Sheila Webster and all donors


One response to “Thank yous!

  1. This email is to Smiling

    we met 4 weeks ago when my family visited Tanda Tula. You and I chatted at the bar at Tanda Tula about your needs for soccer jerseys and shorts for your soccer program. I have discussed this need with some people in our town who are involved in our local soccer program and they would like to try to provide you with some uniforms.

    I would like to confirm that your organization still is in need of such jerseys and shorts and how many of these uniforms you need.

    Please email your response to:

    Many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,


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