Gogos’ Veggie Garden

Help the grandmothers feed HluvukaniHarry and Smiling Ubisi created the registered non-profit charity the Kunavelela Community Project in 1997 “to encourage hope” in their rural community Hluvukani, that is battling with the ravages of AIDS, AIDS orphans, endemic tuberculosis, malaria and a dire lack of proper sewerage and clean drinking water.
One of the project’s main aims is to create a better life through sport. Harry and Smiling have started a soccer team, the Hluvukani Blackbirds which you can read all about over on the other project “Help the Hluvukani Blackbirds buy soccer kit”.
One of Kunavelela Community Projects other main aims is to help the community grow enough food to feed everyone. There are very few working adults in the villiage. As in so many rural communities, the majority have either died of Aids, leaving orphans behind, or have moved to the cities looking for work.
This means that many of the grandmothers and grandfathers are unexpectedly looking after up to 6 children. The grandmothers survive on their state pensions of around zar 950, or 100 euro a month.
Can you imagine trying to feed 6 growing kids on 100 euro a month?
This issue is being addressed through the Gogos Veggie Garden.
Land has been purchased from the tribal authority to create a communal vegetable garden. The Grandmothers of the village cultivate the garden ensuring a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables for their families and which allows the more effective use of government pensions for other provisions.
With money raised by Kunavelela project, the area has already been completely fenced off, keeping goats and cattle at bay. In addition, farming implements, seeds and other necessary equipment have been purchased to allow a variety of winter and summer crops to be planted and tended with ease.
We are now beginning to start to raise funds for small-scale poultry farming which will provide additional sources for income, employment and food supplies.
We will begin by buying 20 hens and a rooster, and enough chicken wire to make a hen house. The fresh eggs will be given to the young, the elderly and the sick. Extra eggs could be sold locally to raise money to buy more hens, and so on.
The Kunavelela Community Project is a registered non-profit organisation, and all donations go directly to the stated goals which we are fundraising for. If you would like to donate, we really appreciate your help!


One response to “Gogos’ Veggie Garden

  1. Wow! Smilling and Herry you are doing a great job keep it up. May the Lord bless you. You are my Heros.

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